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After startups receive Series-C funding, it’s time to deliver for investors looking for returns. Here are five critical steps to take after investors put their dollars into your business in order to see real growth from your company.

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After securing this round of funding, the focus shifts from becoming a success to building on the growth trajectory. Investors are wondering if their private equity has been worth the investment and if the business will live up to its predictions. At this point in the startup journey, your business has found success and is poised for growth — and now it’s time to deliver.

01 Show Profitability

Financial models like cash flow forecasting, gross margin, and the rule of 40 are all ways to measure different variables of success in your business operations. For example, the rule of 40 defines a healthy SaaS business as having a profit margin and growth rate of at least 40%.

02 Display Ability

By taking action to develop new products, vet and acquire new partnerships, and expand your business into new markets, you can tangibly show investors that you’re serious about elevating your operations.

03 Hire Talent

Developing a team of top talent to scale your business is crucial! Diversifying your team prior to attempting rapid growth sets your business up for success when it’s time to take the company public.

04 Establish Growth

A pre-established infrastructure that supports sustainable scalability is key to prove to investors that you and your company are ready to take the next step in going public.

05 Ask for Support

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