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Struggling with Finances? Outsourcing Them Will Save Your Time and Company!

Why worry about hiring in-house teams to manage finances when there are experienced outside parties to take over and make the process seamless for you?

Let’s start by painting a little picture.

Your entrepreneurial itch has finally set the ball rolling on your much-desired startup. Milestones over milestones are being achieved. At a time when focus should be on more growth, more milestones, you are draining your energy with operational and transactional tasks, especially when it comes to the finance function. Vendor management, payroll, reconciliation, credit control, a juggle between keeping the employees, the stakeholders and the investors satisfied – leaving you with little time to focus on strategic financial decisions that impact the business metrics that matter. Does this picture seem way too familiar?

You’re not quite alone on this road – This is a struggle most startups face these days. But what if we told you that you needn’t be worried about your finance function? You can focus on making the decisions that matter while we take care of the day-to-day transactional and operational aspects of your finance department. No more breaking your head on matching invoices or recording transactions in your books! Here’s why you should hop on board.

Save your staff’s time and effort

As a startup, it’s natural that you are aiming to grow and expand. Outsourcing will thus help you focus on the processes and tasks that are strategic and have a direct impact on your business, by moving repetitive and manually intensive processes to a third-party.

Reduce your company’s costs

If the finance function is in-house, you end up spending money on staff including payroll and other benefits. You have to invest in tools and technology enablers including ERP platforms which are more often than not, sunk costs. By outsourcing, you partner with a company which has extensive experience of running similar processes for other companies and clients across industries. Not only this, but such vendors generally have a suite of tools and technology accelerators such as OCR solutions, platforms for auto matching of invoices, etc. meaning that you don’t have to worry about spending on these separately.

Hiring and training

Having an in-house finance function means spending time and resources in hiring and training associates and employees delivering these processes. Outsourcing frees us the HR team to focus on resourcing and training requirements for other parts of your startup.

Talent at your doorstep

With an outsourced partner, you get access to experts who have worked on startups that have become global brands. Experts at Rooled are equipped to work with local startups at seed funding to forming exit strategies for multi-national brands. So be it visualizing a financial roadmap for investors or strategizing on how to improve your company’s cash conversion cycle – you’ve got an expert by your side.

Access to advanced technologies and systems

A lot of small-scale organizations do not possess the latest technologies and systems that are being used to handle financial tasks. They resort to outdated techniques as affordability is a major issue for them. By outsourcing the finances, your company can benefit from the latest technology being used by outside parties. And you won’t have to worry about the costs as these companies themselves invest in the latest systems.

A more streamlined and accurate process

When you are handling tasks manually or with outdated systems, there are bound to be errors, exceptions and mistakes. By outsourcing, you are putting your faith in companies that have an experience of running similar processes delivering benefits such as improved accuracy, faster turn-around-time (TAT), etc.

Don’t be bogged down by handling a department that you can easily let others take over for a smooth operation. Rooled is committed to helping you grow, by partnering with you and transforming your finance function. Reach out to us!

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