Why Engage a Fractional CFO with Rooled?

At Rooled, our fractional CFO services (often referred to as an outsourced CFO or on-demand CFO) provide a fresh perspective on your company’s financial health, without the expense of a C-Suite executive.  Whether you’re trying to stabilize cash flow, expand your revenue streams, or raise funds, our CFO’s can help you accelerate your financial progress while managing your cash flow and runway.

At Rooled we have vast experience with an array of clients from small businesses to established enterprises, with significant expertise in high-growth companies.  If you’re investigating hiring a fractional CFO or looking for some new options, let us know.  We’ll do a free one-hour consult to help you assess your needs and establish a strategy to move forward.

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Fractional CFO Services that Drive Financial Growth

Managing business operations without CFO oversight is ineffective and costly. Engaging with Rooled's outsourced CFOs can save money and accelerate your progress.

Our outsourced CFO services give you a fresh perspective on your company’s financial health and guide you through each stage of your company’s life cycle.

Whether it’s optimizing cash flow, developing strategic financial plans, or streamlining operations, a fractional CFO brings a fresh perspective and specialized expertise tailored to your specific needs. By engaging our fractional CFOs, you gain access to their wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling you to make sound financial decisions and navigate complex financial challenges.

With Rooled, you’re not just getting a CFO service – you’re getting a partner.

  • Cost Efficiency Vs. a Full-Time, In-House CFO

  • Faster Results with an Expert that Knows Where to Focus

  • Expert Assistance in Raising Equity and Debt Capital

  • Receive Advice Rooted in Experience

  • Access to Extensive Knowledge on Scaling Enterprises

Let's Get Started

At Rooled, we believe that strong relationships start with good communication. That’s why we’re always eager to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for more information about our outsourced financial services or have questions about our pricing, our team is here to help.

And if you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – we offer a FREE one-hour personalized consultation to help get you on the right track. Let’s start a conversation about building a strong financial future for your business!