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Small Business Tax Services

Maintaining compliance with the federal and state tax authorities is critical. Our tax team will help ensure the safe and continued success of your business venture. Request consultation.

The type of formation, be it C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC, will dictate the applicable compliance and regulations. Meeting those requirements can be complex and arduous given the wide scope of tax regulation and legislation.

Various platform-based solutions exist that can help with the simpler situations, but without proper expertise and support you may risk non-compliance and miss out on valuable deductions and credits.

With outsourced tax consultants, you can be confident of a solid tax strategy that will benefit your business and ensure that you maintain regulatory compliance.

Client Testimonials

Rooled's consistency, reliability, and white-glove service make them the obvious choice among many options for our financial needs. Zetta Venture Partners
Rooled’s model not only helped us understand where our money was going but also enabled us to exceed our growth targets consistently. It was a critical factor in our success story. Rocket Money
Rooled allows me to focus on strategic conversations while they handle the tactical financial tasks, making our decision-making process more efficient. Propel

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