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Our Services

Growing your company or entrepreneurial venture requires solid finance management and a well-planned finance strategy. Balancing cash management alongside revenue growth and profitability is fundamental to scaling your enterprise. Request consultation.

Rooled provides finance consulting services from seed- to late-stage. Our team is diligent and experienced and can provide you with startup accounting, CFO advisory, and tax services.

If your business is scaling and you need to set-up an accounting function, gain efficiencies, and reduce risks then our consulting services are for you. Our in-house accountants, controllers, and CFOs will assess your current situation and recommend the best strategy for your accounting and finance infrastructure.

We help you grow your business!

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CFO Consulting

Let our expert CFOs help your startup scale. Rooled will identify opportunities for growth and assist you in understanding your finances. Get expert insights into your funding and growth strategy.

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Outsourced Accounting

Accounting is essential in a well-run company. Rooled offers full-service bookkeeping services for small businesses and early-stage startups.

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Small Business Tax Services

We help you stay on the right side of tax compliance. Get tax efficiency strategies, tax preparation services, and help in understanding your tax requirements from the Rooled team.

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Flexible Pricing that Fits Your Business

We understand that your business needs are constantly evolving, which is why we offer flexible pricing that can scale with you.

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Technology Partners

Rooled’s commitment to providing cutting-edge financial services has led us to collaborate with some of the most innovative tech partners in the industry, ensuring that our clients have access to the latest tools and technology for optimal financial performance.

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