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Small Business Tax Services

When you create a business correctly, registering and maintaining your company filings in a compliant manner is vital. Whether it is C-Corp, an S-corp, an LLC or other formation, it will dictate the compliance and regulations that apply. Meeting those requirements can be complex and arduous given the wide scope of tax regulation and legislation.

Various platform-based solutions exist that can help with the simpler situations, but without expertise and support you may risk non-compliance and miss out on valuable deductions and credits.

With outsourced tax consultants, you can be confident of a robust tax strategy that will benefit your business and ensure that you stay in the IRS’s good books.

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Our tax experts specialize in fully integrated tax preparation and timely filing services. We work together with your business and accountants to address tax challenges, identify credits and benefits, and comply with local and federal tax regulations.

Rooled offers the following tax services:

Tax preparation and filing

State and federal tax compliance

Corporate and personal tax returns

Tax credits and benefits

Tax planning and strategies

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January 31, 2023

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Small Business Tax Resources

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January 11, 2023

How to Reduce Tax Costs for Your Small Business

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