Outgrowing Your Financial Services Provider?

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As start-ups grow, they very often find that the strategies and partners that worked with them early on aren’t sufficient as the business grows. We find that may start-ups begin finding:

  • We’re experiencing a lack of proactive financial advice; it feels more reactive than strategic.
  • I’m seeing a delay in financial reporting, and it’s affecting our decision-making timelines.
  • The current service provider lacks the industry-specific expertise needed to address our unique challenges.
  • We need more than just basic bookkeeping; insights into financial forecasting and scenario planning are crucial for our growth strategy.
  • The current provider struggles to keep up with our evolving technology needs, hindering efficiency and innovation.
  • Our financial reports lack the granularity needed for effective budgeting and resource allocation.

Typically, when a business starts experiencing these sorts of problems, it’s a sign that they’ve begun to outgrow their financial services provider. That’s where Rooled can help.

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What can we do for you? Check out a full case study on Platzi and see how we provided Platzi’s leadership with critical data-driven insights to enable informed and strategic decision-making, and ultimately helped them secure 60 million dollars in funding.
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