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Meet Your New Finance and Accounting Partner.

At Rooled, we combine decades of experience with best-of-breed technologies to make your finances easier to manage, easier to coordinate, and easier to advance. Request consultation.

Why Rooled

We offer you better financial performance by guiding you through each stage of your company’s life cycle.

Our CFOs, Controllers, and staff accountants will partner with you to understand your business and implement customized and tailored solutions. We are here to help you by not just being your financial consultants but your partners as you take your business to new heights.

Rooled teams work together, centered around you and your goals, to provide you with the best in class, counsel you require. Get access to our varied portfolio of services to transform your business operations.

Our Services

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CFO Consulting

Let our expert CFOs help your startup scale. Rooled can lead your planning and forecasting process and ensure a comprehensive understanding of your finances. Get expert insights into your funding and growth strategy.

Meet your CFO.
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Outsourced Accounting

Accounting as a function is a critical foundation for business, as well as providing up to date financial information and monitoring business performance. Rooled’s platform provides full bookkeeping and controller services for high-growth companies from seed to exit.

Start outsourcing.
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Small Business Tax Services

We help you stay on the right side of tax compliance. Get tax efficiency strategies, tax preparation services, and help in understanding your tax requirements from the Rooled team.

Rool your taxes.

Notable Past Clients

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Client Testimonials

Rooled has been invaluable to us; incredibly responsive and relatable, providing support on both strategic and tactical levels. They are exactly what an early-stage company like ours needs. Vizbee, Inc.
I liked the people. My controller is someone I trust. She's very responsive and moves quickly when there's an issue or something needs to get done. MyOme
In the world of startups, having a consistent and reliable financial partner is crucial. Rooled's dependable, always-on, responsive service is a white-glove experience. Zetta Venture Partners
Rooled solved all of our problems with bookkeeping and expenses. AdAstral
We chose Rooled for their responsiveness. They are easy to work with, competent and work at the pace needed for a start up. Vizbee, Inc.
Rooled is experienced, consistent, committed and has a solid team approach. Sustainable Life Media
Rooled solved all of our problems with Accounting and CFO advisory. OnFrontiers, Inc.